Friday, February 27, 2009

Women and ED

Men have ED, women FAKE IT.

Seems to me in one sense they can be the same.

Both sexes may want it pretty bad and then something goes haywire and you get......jussst...right......THERE

and it doesnt happen.

I have heard that there are women out there that have a physical release as men do,
so they can relate to a man's ED problems. Fortunately for them they dont have to
worry about the physical apparatus not performing.

of course they both can just fake it. I truly believe a man can make as much noise
and act just as well as a woman can. Oh, I am sure there are alot out there that don't,
so men who read this, don't get your panties in a wad over it. Just makes me wonder
if the truth be told,

how many men out there would own up to faking it?

This also brings me to another observation.

A friend made the comment that men worry about performance while women worry
about their appearance. In his words, women accept a man's appearance even as he gets older but worry about their own throughout their lives.

But a man, worrys about his performance less in their earlier years and more in the later.

hummm...if that is so, ain't aging a bitch.


  1. Interesting post there AC,

    I don't speak for the entire male population, just myself. I've never been down that "faking it" road. I don't much see the point since with men it's pretty obvious, you either have it or you don't; you can or you can't.

    I also think men can be just as conscious of their appearance as women, otherwise businesses like ...oh..."Hairclub for Men" and "Rogaine" wouldn't thrive.

    I think concern (worry) about sexual performance is valid for those men who are unable to handle aging; again, this to me is an image issue. I say that because we all deal with former images of what we WERE capable of doing. I think once you move beyond the issue of aging, you learn to handle the reality of what you can and can't do.

    That's the reality of aging. As Clint Eastwood said in Dirty Harry, "A man's got to know his limitations".

    That being said, intimacy is one of the coolest aspects of relationships that allows couples to explore and discover each other.


  2. I haven't faked it myself. There is more to love making than that. Communication is key as well. We all slow down and I find that for myself, my own orgasm isn't as important as partner's. There are times that orgasm isn't her desire. Intimacy is. Of course, sometimes it's the other way around for both of us. Sometimes it's smooth like chocolate and sometimes it's spicy. Who wants the same all the time anyway? It also keeps things new. As far as looks, I always joke about the positives of poor eyesight as we age, we can't see things sinking or hair growing where it shouldn't -lol. And no matter, my love will always be beautiful in my eyes.

  3. I think both of u are talking about love, very important and wonderful. I have been happily married since 1962, as u say it is not always WAKA WAKA, but the intamacy and companion ship, the feeling of being loved is what keeps marriages going. But we have a friend, lost his wife 5 yrs ago, He is looking for a bit of a cuddle and company, but his performance is not what it used to be I suppose! I do not think he understands that woman are quite happy with out the act.
    Do u understand what I am trying to say????
    A different story ONE NIGT STANDS.