Saturday, February 14, 2009

on this day of all days

valentines day

a day of love..humm

so I checked out some online dating websites.

oh my, what choices!

there's the proverbial biker
(I hate men)

and the idiot holding a camera while standing in front of a mirror with his shirt off and perhaps a towel around his mid section..(I am suppose to be impressed) ewe.. thats just ALL wrong!

oh lets not forget mr sensitive with a stuffed animal

or the guy holding a huge stinky BLOODY,smelly fish!... now tell me again WHY I would want to go out with a man like that...

what I would like to see?


could you be sitting in a comfortable chair, turn your head slightly to the camera and just smile..slightly? have an air of mystery about you, confidence and intelligence.

BE A MAN!!!!

you dont have to shave (we women like the "rugged" 5o'clock or 2 day look you know)
but for goodness sakes at least dont look like you just rolled out of bed, havent brushed your teeth or changed your under shorts in three days!
have a happy one there fellas....

c'mon fellas, give us a break here. THINK about your pictures. They say alot about you at first glance. Would you go out with me if I showed you my endless shoe closet (which I am sooo proud of!) or HEY! what about the picture my best female friend took of me with all those bags and boxes of cloths we just bought at Neiman Marcus!? Charmaine was right.

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