Thursday, March 26, 2009

Self Exposure

I've taken up a new hobby. Exposing my under belly.

No that doesnt mean taking my cloths off. It means opening up.

I decided to try a few different avenues to do this too. I already like to write and sometimes I draw. even dabbled into painting and then there is sewing. But this time I am going to take up..... sensitivity.

How in the heck is she gonna do that? Ok, several ways. Helping people, giving and not expecting anything back in return, letting go of my rough exterior.

a. I went shopping.

b. I got a cat.

c. I read a story to my neighbors daughter on my front steps.

I've had a hard life but in alot of ways, I made it so. Call it getting old or mellowing, lately the shadows grow longer down the hallway.

I saw something today and it reminded me of myself. I had to chuckle too.

Ever see a pup that came from so many fathers it had this mixed up coloration all over its body?

Its ugly, noone wants him or plays with him. Sometimes I felt that way. Sometimes the colors mixed but separated. Theres clear defining lines.

So hey, I'm not the only smuck out there like this. Admission number one.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Softer Side

Random acts of kindness...making an ole coot smile.

Recently I sat down and reread some of my blogs here. I admit the image I project doesnt quite portray the whole person. It got me to thinking. Could I name ten things that say something different about me, my charcter, my being. So I made the list. And I want to challenge you to do the same. And post it on your own blogs. I dont know a single soul out there in blog land, not personally and it may surprise me to know something different about you. So to my five little friends..I challenge YOU.

1. I like the color red.
2. I own several nice stylish dresses but seldom have a need to wear them.
3. I like kittens.
4. I would rather gaze at a candle flame than a roaring fireplace.
5. I like tough men who melt when I do.
6. I hate to be alone but am more then I care to admit.
7. I give hugs to my friends and kisses on the cheek.
8. I write love letters to noone in particular.
9. I like to play in mud.
10. I'd rather be cold than hot.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I admit to coming on strong and I am rough around the edges. I dont mince words and I speak my mind. I let few people inside my inner circle. You wanna know why? Think about this:

"Not everyone is welcome in my house. If I let everyone in then there wouldn't be anyone special".

There's a lesson in that. It makes it very plain who, what, when, where and how to catagorize or size up people you come in contact with. Oh yeah theres such a thing as being polite but who are you foolin? Who is benefiting from that? The way I see it, if more people were honest and up front with their feelings; mean what they say and say what they mean, we wouldnt have relationship problems with each other, other cultures and society in general.

Can anyone tell me WHY do we HAVE to be politically CORRECT? I liked Bill Maher. He said it like it was. Too many mamby-pamby whinning sniveling idiots out there that need to know how to live by your "word" and your "deeds" instead of taking a cowards way out to "apease the masses". Oh! don't even get me started on our involvement in the war in Iraq! Too many people wanted us to go in there with "guns ablazing" after 911. And when we didn't, what did they do? turn Bush into the sole cause for the war in the first place. Amazing...

In my book, respect is earned. That comes with showing me that you are an individual and you have a mind. Speak it. Show me what values you have. But most of all LIVE by what you believe in and never, EVER back down.

Let the special people in, keep the others out.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Women and ED

Men have ED, women FAKE IT.

Seems to me in one sense they can be the same.

Both sexes may want it pretty bad and then something goes haywire and you get......jussst...right......THERE

and it doesnt happen.

I have heard that there are women out there that have a physical release as men do,
so they can relate to a man's ED problems. Fortunately for them they dont have to
worry about the physical apparatus not performing.

of course they both can just fake it. I truly believe a man can make as much noise
and act just as well as a woman can. Oh, I am sure there are alot out there that don't,
so men who read this, don't get your panties in a wad over it. Just makes me wonder
if the truth be told,

how many men out there would own up to faking it?

This also brings me to another observation.

A friend made the comment that men worry about performance while women worry
about their appearance. In his words, women accept a man's appearance even as he gets older but worry about their own throughout their lives.

But a man, worrys about his performance less in their earlier years and more in the later.

hummm...if that is so, ain't aging a bitch.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Oscar Nomination....Ain’t Life Grand Award

So the U has kindly included me in on this somewhat self-inclusive catagory where I get to list 5 reasons why life is grand and pass this on to 5 other bloggers.

yeah I can name 5 reasons why life is grand. I can even name 25 reasons why life is good. Lists are one of my specialities because I am too organized, but enough of that.

here are my 5, cream of the crop reasons why MY Life is GRAND (at the moment)

1. I am breathing. (if I dont wake up breathing tomorrow, well..whats the use of getting out of bed).

2. Because I have a voice and a mind that reasons all that is around me and presented to me.

3. Life is grand because there is good and kindness in everyone. It just takes longer to find it in some. You know, like me, rough around the edges.

4. Yesterday I went to my closet and found my party dress from a few years back and I CAN STILL FIT INTO IT! HA!! nicely too.

5. and my final reason is because attitudes are changing. (maybe in another 20 years I will be married to a purple striped alien and noone will thing the worse for it.)

OK, now to name my 5 bloggers.....humm...I have SUCH a following:

1. Pumby

2. Shakespeare's Housekeeper

3. The Runcible Frog

4. MilesPerHour

5. Now in South Africa

have at it people...oh I got PEOPLE now!!! son-of-a-gun.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Glits and Glam

So I sucked it up and watched The Oscars.

How I do love the underdog to win. With that said cant say I have seen Slumdog Millianaire. Before The Oscars, the preview looked like the classic tale of teenage boy see girl, wants to meet girl, meets girl, girl gets in trouble, boy saves girl, life is rosie.

The story is the same but in a different setting? perhaps. India isnt without its share of problems. For it to have this type of problem in this day and time maybe. Yet it is a different type of culture and in a world of its own with an exposion of people and a shrinking amount of land for them to stand on.

Oh yeaha and I am a woman too.
Little girl dreams of playing dress-up.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lashing out

I feel like fighting

Punching the wall, hitting thin air.

Letting out a string of filth from a foul mouth.

Simple minds and even smaller brains of IDIOTS.

How I hate people to anaylze and catagorize me!

The power of this pen mightier, stronger and slices deeper than the calm that I appear to possess to the naked eye.

You DONT know the mind I have with your cheap shots at understanding.

I will beat you, and not with my bare fists but with this calculated wisedom.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If we don't wake up, the humans will kill themselves.

I went to see the movie "Australia" a few days ago. My 11 year old daughter came home from school and told me it was "required reading". That seems to be the new norm instead of reading books now-a-days.

I balked at this notion when she begged me to go, but then thought better of it. I told her I would go but ONLY if she promised to go to the library with me AND she had to check out the book. Deal? "Gotcha" she said with a smirk on her face. Lol! Cute kid.

The movie turned out to be so wonderful, great, spectacular and any other word you can think of. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!! For those of you that may not know what the movie is about, it stars Nichole Kidman and Hugh Jackman (the guy who played Wolverine on X-Men) but the best actor is the 10 year old kid named Brandon Walters, a "creamy" son born to a white ranch hand father and an aborigines mother.

The movie is actually three storys in one.

1. Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman), is an English, aristocratic woman who leaves England to follow her husband to Australia. He is in Australia with the intention of selling his cattle station(Faraway Downs)which is the size of Belgium. However, Lady Ashley believes he is having an affair and travels out there to confront him. The property is in the north of Australia, and she embarks on an African Queen type journey, accompanied by a rough, hewn cattle drover (Hugh Jackman). Ultimately, Lady Ashley finds herself inheriting the cattle station and, in order to save it, she and the drover must undertake an epic cattle drive to Darwin. In the course of that journey, she falls in love with the drover, and the Australian landscape, and realises that her life is not over, and there’s always a new life to be had.

2. Australia, on the brink of World War II, faces the bombing of the city of Darwin by the Japanese forces that attacked Pearl Harbor. (Actual footage in the film too)

3. Aborigines "Stolen Generation"

The story hinges on the racism of the frontier, with an English lady, Nicole Kidman, and a drover, Hugh Jackman, each widowed in tragic circumstances, drawn to each other. The drover's wife was Aboriginal - who died from TB when no hospital would admit her and when liaisons between white and black were outlawed in Australia.
But it is the English lady's attachment to an orphaned Aborigines ranchhand boy, Nullah, that

brings to light the plight of all aborigines children being taken (stolen) from their family's by missionaries of various governments and shipped off to Mission Island (off the coast of Australia) to be "taught the Christian way" since attitudes where such that Christianity was the "right way" and these children had to be saved from their native heathen ways or so it was thought to be but in actually, not.

Between 1910 and 1970, roughly 100,000 Aboriginal children were forcibly removed from their homes [source: European Network for Indigenous Australian Rights]. Known to many as the Stolen Generation, these children, most under the age of five, were taken from their birth families because the Australian government decided that their race lacked a solid future.
The government believed that the children would fare better if raised by white families [source: The Independent]. This rationale was due to the hard truths that the Aborigines are at a much higher risk -- even today -- for alcoholism, infant mortality, criminal behavior and drug addiction than other Australians. In fact, the average Aborigine life expectancy today is 17 years shorter than the rest of the country's population [source: The Independent]. But it wasn't just a few overzealous rulers who forced this removal policy upon the nation; rather, numerous state and federal laws were drafted and passed with the express intention of "breeding out" the color of Australia's indigenous race and helping the young members fit into mainstream society [source: The Independent]. The hope was to phase out Aboriginal culture.

­A variety of deceptive means were used to whisk Aboriginal babies and children from their families. Some children were simply removed from their homes by government officials. Too young to remember their family histories, the children were told that they were orphans. One mother was given a consent form for what was supposedly a routine vaccination, when in fact she authorized her baby, Leonie Pope, to be sent to foster care. She was then told that Leonie had died; Leonie was alive and well and residing with a white family [source: The Independent]. Other children were taken for treatment to hospitals, never to be seen again by their families, who were also led to believe that their children had died. The majority of them were placed in more affluent foster homes with white families, or they were taken to orphanages or church missions.

It wasn't until 1995 that a national investigation was launched, culminating in the release of the "Bringing Them Home" report by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission in 1997. The report detailed more than 50 recommendations as to how the Australian government could help remedy the pain caused by the removal of Aboriginal children from their homes.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard refused to make a formal apology, citing his fear that it would open the Australian government to lawsuits and demands for financial compensation. The issue went largely ignored until the election of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who made a formal apology to the Aboriginal people on Feb. 13, 2008.

I am appaulded that it took 98 years for the Austrialian government to acknowledge it was wrong and 60 years of that same government "allowing" this to go on!

but then again I am reminded of our own government after Pearl Harbor in 1941,

quickly put all Japanese descent and Japanese-American's in War Internment Camps.

Roosevelt's executive order was fueled by anti-Japanese sentiment among farmers who competed against Japanese labor, politicians who sided with anti-Japanese constituencies, and the general public, whose frenzy was heightened by the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor. More than 2/3 of the Japanese who were interned in the spring of 1942 were citizens of the United States.

Leadership positions within the camps were only offered to the Nisei, or American-born, Japanese. The older generation, or the Issei, were forced to watch as the government promoted their children and ignored them.Eventually the government allowed internees to leave the concentration camps if they enlisted in the U.S. Army. This offer was not well received. Only 1,200 internees chose to do so.

In 1944, two and a half years after signing Executive Order 9066, Roosevelt rescinded the order. The last internment camp was closed by the end of 1945.

Forced into confinement by the United States, 5,766 Nisei ultimately renounced their American citizenship. In 1968, nearly two dozen years after the camps were closed, the government began reparations to Japanese Americans for property they had lost.
In 1988, the U.S. Congress passed legislation which awarded formal payments of $20,000 each to the surviving internees�60,000 in all. This same year, formal apologies were also issued by the government.

Again it took 46 years to right a wrong. And while Japanese-Americans comprised the overwhelming majority of those in the camps, thousands of Americans of German, Italian, and other European descent were also forced to relocate there. Many more were classified as "enemy aliens" and subject to increased restrictions. AND as of 2004, the U.S. Government has made no formal apology or reparations to Americans of German, Italian and other European descent.

One can not forget Hilter's demize of the Jewish population too.

There are Arabic countries (and I am sure others) that conspire to rid the world of Americans.

My point is that there are so many injustices from so many cultures TO other cultures guilty only of "being different". It is not just because of color or religion, or way of life, it is because "you ARE different" and my way is BETTER mentality.


If we dont wake up, the human race will kill itself. One group feeding after another. to my 11 year old daughter? She gets the message...loud and clear.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I survived the day

Valentines came and went.

So today it was pretty outside. Had a chance to get outside and breath alittle. Took a walk along my block and found some inspiration.

Got me to thinking abit too. I saw alot of familys sitting on their porchs and front stoops. Couldnt help but look at the little ones play and wonder how their lives would be when they got to be as old as me. Not that I am "OLD", just been around the block a few times i suppose.

I am glad Obama has given people hope. I am especially glad that maybe, just maybe some of all the oppressed cultures that make up Americans can take another step forward. When I look out in my neighboorhood, I see Latinos, whites, blacks and everything in between, like me. A few blocks over there are Jews and a Catholic Church somewhere near too. I see interracial couples walking hand in hand and for once I am glad the social stereotypes are being more accepted now and people can be seen as "people".

Its like sitting in an airport watching them go by. I look at their faces, their expressions and wonder what its like in their world. Do they think about mine? They walk into their houses and I wonder if it is different then mine. How do they cope with each others differences and celebrate them all at the same time?

Yeah, inez down the street, an ole "african american" as she likes to be called, still sits in one of those metal gliders as she watches the world go by. Noone bothers her and we all look out for her. Never see anybody over there, any family, but the neighborhood thinks of her as their grandmother. She commands respect just by the glare and wisdom in her eyes. She likes what she sees. She's told me a few storys about her life growing up "black" in a white man's world. Funny everytime she says that I think of cowboys and indians! LOL! God love her!!

So the kids play in my block, the sun came out and warmed a few hearts. Dare I say today in my corner of the world, Atlanta GA, was Mayberry NC? whoa! who would have thought..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

on this day of all days

valentines day

a day of love..humm

so I checked out some online dating websites.

oh my, what choices!

there's the proverbial biker
(I hate men)

and the idiot holding a camera while standing in front of a mirror with his shirt off and perhaps a towel around his mid section..(I am suppose to be impressed) ewe.. thats just ALL wrong!

oh lets not forget mr sensitive with a stuffed animal

or the guy holding a huge stinky BLOODY,smelly fish!... now tell me again WHY I would want to go out with a man like that...

what I would like to see?


could you be sitting in a comfortable chair, turn your head slightly to the camera and just smile..slightly? have an air of mystery about you, confidence and intelligence.

BE A MAN!!!!

you dont have to shave (we women like the "rugged" 5o'clock or 2 day look you know)
but for goodness sakes at least dont look like you just rolled out of bed, havent brushed your teeth or changed your under shorts in three days!
have a happy one there fellas....

c'mon fellas, give us a break here. THINK about your pictures. They say alot about you at first glance. Would you go out with me if I showed you my endless shoe closet (which I am sooo proud of!) or HEY! what about the picture my best female friend took of me with all those bags and boxes of cloths we just bought at Neiman Marcus!? Charmaine was right.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Real Life, a valentines gift for men to give

I was young, he was old, we both were the same age

Everyday playin’ fetch, shaking hands, he’d lick my face

and I was unaware the day would come

And when he died, for the first time I knew what real pain was
And I never was the same again

From that moment on, real life began

Senior high, girlfriends, football games, graduation

Summer break, spent my time, fillin’ out applications

A few superficial years went by, they were all a blur

Then in the most unlikely situation, there you were
And I never was the same again

From that moment on, real life began

With you, only you

By your side, scare to death, felt the pain you were fighting

Placed my palm on your head, spoke your name, just keep tryin’

And then you closed you eyes and took one last breath

And when it was over, you looked up

I laid our baby across your breast
And I never was the same again

From that moment on

Real Life began