Thursday, March 26, 2009

Self Exposure

I've taken up a new hobby. Exposing my under belly.

No that doesnt mean taking my cloths off. It means opening up.

I decided to try a few different avenues to do this too. I already like to write and sometimes I draw. even dabbled into painting and then there is sewing. But this time I am going to take up..... sensitivity.

How in the heck is she gonna do that? Ok, several ways. Helping people, giving and not expecting anything back in return, letting go of my rough exterior.

a. I went shopping.

b. I got a cat.

c. I read a story to my neighbors daughter on my front steps.

I've had a hard life but in alot of ways, I made it so. Call it getting old or mellowing, lately the shadows grow longer down the hallway.

I saw something today and it reminded me of myself. I had to chuckle too.

Ever see a pup that came from so many fathers it had this mixed up coloration all over its body?

Its ugly, noone wants him or plays with him. Sometimes I felt that way. Sometimes the colors mixed but separated. Theres clear defining lines.

So hey, I'm not the only smuck out there like this. Admission number one.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Softer Side

Random acts of kindness...making an ole coot smile.

Recently I sat down and reread some of my blogs here. I admit the image I project doesnt quite portray the whole person. It got me to thinking. Could I name ten things that say something different about me, my charcter, my being. So I made the list. And I want to challenge you to do the same. And post it on your own blogs. I dont know a single soul out there in blog land, not personally and it may surprise me to know something different about you. So to my five little friends..I challenge YOU.

1. I like the color red.
2. I own several nice stylish dresses but seldom have a need to wear them.
3. I like kittens.
4. I would rather gaze at a candle flame than a roaring fireplace.
5. I like tough men who melt when I do.
6. I hate to be alone but am more then I care to admit.
7. I give hugs to my friends and kisses on the cheek.
8. I write love letters to noone in particular.
9. I like to play in mud.
10. I'd rather be cold than hot.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I admit to coming on strong and I am rough around the edges. I dont mince words and I speak my mind. I let few people inside my inner circle. You wanna know why? Think about this:

"Not everyone is welcome in my house. If I let everyone in then there wouldn't be anyone special".

There's a lesson in that. It makes it very plain who, what, when, where and how to catagorize or size up people you come in contact with. Oh yeah theres such a thing as being polite but who are you foolin? Who is benefiting from that? The way I see it, if more people were honest and up front with their feelings; mean what they say and say what they mean, we wouldnt have relationship problems with each other, other cultures and society in general.

Can anyone tell me WHY do we HAVE to be politically CORRECT? I liked Bill Maher. He said it like it was. Too many mamby-pamby whinning sniveling idiots out there that need to know how to live by your "word" and your "deeds" instead of taking a cowards way out to "apease the masses". Oh! don't even get me started on our involvement in the war in Iraq! Too many people wanted us to go in there with "guns ablazing" after 911. And when we didn't, what did they do? turn Bush into the sole cause for the war in the first place. Amazing...

In my book, respect is earned. That comes with showing me that you are an individual and you have a mind. Speak it. Show me what values you have. But most of all LIVE by what you believe in and never, EVER back down.

Let the special people in, keep the others out.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Women and ED

Men have ED, women FAKE IT.

Seems to me in one sense they can be the same.

Both sexes may want it pretty bad and then something goes haywire and you get......jussst...right......THERE

and it doesnt happen.

I have heard that there are women out there that have a physical release as men do,
so they can relate to a man's ED problems. Fortunately for them they dont have to
worry about the physical apparatus not performing.

of course they both can just fake it. I truly believe a man can make as much noise
and act just as well as a woman can. Oh, I am sure there are alot out there that don't,
so men who read this, don't get your panties in a wad over it. Just makes me wonder
if the truth be told,

how many men out there would own up to faking it?

This also brings me to another observation.

A friend made the comment that men worry about performance while women worry
about their appearance. In his words, women accept a man's appearance even as he gets older but worry about their own throughout their lives.

But a man, worrys about his performance less in their earlier years and more in the later.

hummm...if that is so, ain't aging a bitch.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Oscar Nomination....Ain’t Life Grand Award

So the U has kindly included me in on this somewhat self-inclusive catagory where I get to list 5 reasons why life is grand and pass this on to 5 other bloggers.

yeah I can name 5 reasons why life is grand. I can even name 25 reasons why life is good. Lists are one of my specialities because I am too organized, but enough of that.

here are my 5, cream of the crop reasons why MY Life is GRAND (at the moment)

1. I am breathing. (if I dont wake up breathing tomorrow, well..whats the use of getting out of bed).

2. Because I have a voice and a mind that reasons all that is around me and presented to me.

3. Life is grand because there is good and kindness in everyone. It just takes longer to find it in some. You know, like me, rough around the edges.

4. Yesterday I went to my closet and found my party dress from a few years back and I CAN STILL FIT INTO IT! HA!! nicely too.

5. and my final reason is because attitudes are changing. (maybe in another 20 years I will be married to a purple striped alien and noone will thing the worse for it.)

OK, now to name my 5 bloggers.....humm...I have SUCH a following:

1. Pumby

2. Shakespeare's Housekeeper

3. The Runcible Frog

4. MilesPerHour

5. Now in South Africa

have at it people...oh I got PEOPLE now!!! son-of-a-gun.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Glits and Glam

So I sucked it up and watched The Oscars.

How I do love the underdog to win. With that said cant say I have seen Slumdog Millianaire. Before The Oscars, the preview looked like the classic tale of teenage boy see girl, wants to meet girl, meets girl, girl gets in trouble, boy saves girl, life is rosie.

The story is the same but in a different setting? perhaps. India isnt without its share of problems. For it to have this type of problem in this day and time maybe. Yet it is a different type of culture and in a world of its own with an exposion of people and a shrinking amount of land for them to stand on.

Oh yeaha and I am a woman too.
Little girl dreams of playing dress-up.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lashing out

I feel like fighting

Punching the wall, hitting thin air.

Letting out a string of filth from a foul mouth.

Simple minds and even smaller brains of IDIOTS.

How I hate people to anaylze and catagorize me!

The power of this pen mightier, stronger and slices deeper than the calm that I appear to possess to the naked eye.

You DONT know the mind I have with your cheap shots at understanding.

I will beat you, and not with my bare fists but with this calculated wisedom.