Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Softer Side

Random acts of kindness...making an ole coot smile.

Recently I sat down and reread some of my blogs here. I admit the image I project doesnt quite portray the whole person. It got me to thinking. Could I name ten things that say something different about me, my charcter, my being. So I made the list. And I want to challenge you to do the same. And post it on your own blogs. I dont know a single soul out there in blog land, not personally and it may surprise me to know something different about you. So to my five little friends..I challenge YOU.

1. I like the color red.
2. I own several nice stylish dresses but seldom have a need to wear them.
3. I like kittens.
4. I would rather gaze at a candle flame than a roaring fireplace.
5. I like tough men who melt when I do.
6. I hate to be alone but am more then I care to admit.
7. I give hugs to my friends and kisses on the cheek.
8. I write love letters to noone in particular.
9. I like to play in mud.
10. I'd rather be cold than hot.


  1. You know you wrong Rach!

    It's cool though seeing how I don't have anything better to do than write a list.

    I've been thinking about Denise at that Bus Stop and taking the story to a logical conclusion. Ray is just as volatile as Denise so there will be conflict when he steps out of the car.