Monday, February 23, 2009

Glits and Glam

So I sucked it up and watched The Oscars.

How I do love the underdog to win. With that said cant say I have seen Slumdog Millianaire. Before The Oscars, the preview looked like the classic tale of teenage boy see girl, wants to meet girl, meets girl, girl gets in trouble, boy saves girl, life is rosie.

The story is the same but in a different setting? perhaps. India isnt without its share of problems. For it to have this type of problem in this day and time maybe. Yet it is a different type of culture and in a world of its own with an exposion of people and a shrinking amount of land for them to stand on.

Oh yeaha and I am a woman too.
Little girl dreams of playing dress-up.


  1. Hi, I tried to comment yesterday, but the comment thingy would not work. I loved the dress she was wearing thought it was the most beautiful dress I have seen for many years at the Oscars. The way it flowed and kicked out at the back. I have not seen Slumdong Millionaire yet, maybe I will wait for it to come on TV!! We are lazy buggers!!!!

  2. PS. Thanks for nomination me for an award. lovies from Pumpy xxx