Sunday, February 15, 2009

I survived the day

Valentines came and went.

So today it was pretty outside. Had a chance to get outside and breath alittle. Took a walk along my block and found some inspiration.

Got me to thinking abit too. I saw alot of familys sitting on their porchs and front stoops. Couldnt help but look at the little ones play and wonder how their lives would be when they got to be as old as me. Not that I am "OLD", just been around the block a few times i suppose.

I am glad Obama has given people hope. I am especially glad that maybe, just maybe some of all the oppressed cultures that make up Americans can take another step forward. When I look out in my neighboorhood, I see Latinos, whites, blacks and everything in between, like me. A few blocks over there are Jews and a Catholic Church somewhere near too. I see interracial couples walking hand in hand and for once I am glad the social stereotypes are being more accepted now and people can be seen as "people".

Its like sitting in an airport watching them go by. I look at their faces, their expressions and wonder what its like in their world. Do they think about mine? They walk into their houses and I wonder if it is different then mine. How do they cope with each others differences and celebrate them all at the same time?

Yeah, inez down the street, an ole "african american" as she likes to be called, still sits in one of those metal gliders as she watches the world go by. Noone bothers her and we all look out for her. Never see anybody over there, any family, but the neighborhood thinks of her as their grandmother. She commands respect just by the glare and wisdom in her eyes. She likes what she sees. She's told me a few storys about her life growing up "black" in a white man's world. Funny everytime she says that I think of cowboys and indians! LOL! God love her!!

So the kids play in my block, the sun came out and warmed a few hearts. Dare I say today in my corner of the world, Atlanta GA, was Mayberry NC? whoa! who would have thought..

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